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Kaney O'Neil

Read “The Battle for the Rattle”

A soldier mom story of custody court, disability and mothering.

- The Kaney O’Neil Story

Listen to Parents With Disabilities And Family Law

- Ella Callow on NPR's Talk of the Nation

Welcome to The Legal Program

The Legal Program promotes justice and human rights for parents with disabilities and their children in child custody cases. We achieve this by ensuring both parents and professionals understand how disability, civil rights, child welfare, family and guardianship laws intersect in their cases and how they can develop meaningful evidence regarding parental fitness and the best interest of the child.

We participate in cases happening in the child welfare/juvenile dependency courts where the State is seeking to remove a child or terminate a parent’s rights in part or whole because of the parent’s disability. We also participate in divorce/custody or guardianship cases in family or probate courts. In these cases the State is not a party; it is usually an able-bodied or typical parent or family member seeking custody of a child based in whole or part on the parent’s disability.

In tangent with this direct work, the Legal Program informs innovative legislative and policy development; provides training to grassroots organizations, federal, state and tribal government institutions, conducts qualitative and quantitative social research on this population of families; develops literature and contributes to the academic dialogue and scholarship within the field.

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